Market Overview

Market Overview of Contactless Robotic Washes: Pros and Cons

Automatic car wash is a rather popular service among many car enthusiasts. All operations to remove dirt from the outer parts of the machine are performed automatically. Automatic machine washes are divided into contact and non-contact. In the first case, the vehicle passes through brushes, rollers, and fabric strips, in the second, cleaning is performed with water and high-pressure detergents. However, this is not all the varieties of automatic car washes. There are also tunnel and portal types. Read more about the contactless robotic wash.


The Operation Principle

The principle of operation of an automatic wash is that the vehicle is placed on a special conveyor. Further, the auto passes through special rollers, brushes, and fabric strips, which, together with the effect of cleaning agents, clean the vehicle from dirt. In the right washing station, powerful special detergents are used. They remove dirt, including bauxite residues from the body and wheels of a vehicle. Further, the auto is exposed to high water pressure. In this way, detergents are rinsed away together with the dirt. Then the vehicle is covered with wax protection and dried with the help of special devices.

Despite the abundance of actions performed, the auto is cleaned much faster than with manual washing or using the auto detail steam cleaner. Automation cleans the vehicle in 5-10 minutes, depending on the cleaning mode selected by the driver.


Advantages and Disadvantages

If you follow the rules for removing dirt from the body surface, you can avoid mechanical damage to the paintwork of the vehicle. Automatic contactless car washes with or without auto detailing steamers are popular with those drivers for whom the external condition of the auto is important. Contact cleaning, rollers, or cloth may leave small scratches on the surface, which will damage the paintwork of the auto. It is also not recommended to use contact cleaning after painting the vehicle. In such cases, a car detailing steamer by Fortador may help.

The advantages of contact washing include high efficiency in the fight against pollution. Besides, full waxing and blackening are performed, which subsequently protects the vehicle from corrosion and minor defects. Non-contact washing does not allow you to get rid of all the dirt, however, such washes are popular too, due to the fact that cleaning is much faster, unlike when using a steam cleaner for cars.

Significant disadvantages include the low availability of such services in remote areas. To open an automatic car wash requires serious financial investments, so, sometimes it is better to purchase additional equipment such as a steam machine for car detailing, and install it on the existing station.

The automatic car wash is a popular type of service that allows you to quickly clean the vehicle. However, you need to carefully study all the information about the chosen car wash, and read the reviews. This will subsequently save you from unnecessary proceedings associated with defects to the coating of the vehicle body.