Turnkey Self-Service

How Much Does It Cost to Open a Turnkey Self-Service Car Wash?

Many people mistakenly believe that the most expensive thing when opening a turnkey self-service car wash is technological equipment. In the case of the most budget equipment, it will account for about 15-20% of the total costs. The main expenses will be incurred for the land: this is not only in the sense of buying it or long-term lease rights but also other investments, such as communications, construction itself, landscaping, etc. The majority of these costs are non-refundable. So, how much does it really cost to open the car wash station?  Let’s find out.


Building a Car Wash from Scratch

So, if you want to build a normal car wash that will work for many years, there are two options: optimal and uncompromising.


Optimal option

In this case, the cost of a car wash will amount to $25-33 thousand. The price depends on the completeness of the equipment (for example, a car detailing steamer by Karcher or Fortador), the successful location, investments in attractiveness, and advertising. It will turn out to be a typical washing, but with reliable equipment, a low cost of washing programs, and with a sufficient set of competitive advantages, so that it will not only work for many years but also bring profits. If necessary, it could be sold without financial losses.


The best option

The most expensive project costs can fluctuate from $35-45 thousand. However, you will get not only the most appealing car wash in the city but also the widest possible set of competitive advantages for the future, when the competition becomes much more intense. 


What Should Be Avoided?

Many cheap car wash stations have one thing in common: they are often created in violation of a number of construction rules. Although there has already been accumulated vast experience in creating the right objects. As a result, in attempts to save money, all such objects have a short service life. Such stations can be significantly cheaper, especially if they are built bypassing the law and in violation of construction standards. On the contrary, those who approach the selection of the equipment such as auto detailing steamers responsibly, and observe safety standards, will be able to save on electricity, water, cleaning chemicals in the long term.

As for the low-cost equipment, it has the highest cost of washing programs. Let’s consider the purchase of washing equipment. With a steam machine for car detailing, cheap washing equipment will often require minor repairs. As soon as competitors appear, it turns out that such washes have no competitive advantages over those with an auto detail steam cleanerAs you can see, this business has lots of pitfalls. So, when choosing between cheap equipment and a reliable steam cleaner for cars, or the dubious construction plan violating the laws or the optimal solution, consider it as a long-term investment. This will help you to save more in the long run.