How to Choose

What Are the Washing Programs for a Self-service Wash and How to Choose the Right Ones?

The choice of washing programs that will be available at your car wash station requires certain knowledge and delicate calculation – if you provide too little or too much, you can significantly lose in profit. Let’s figure out what is worth investing in when choosing equipment, and what you can refuse.


High-pressure Water

This is a high-pressure water cleaning of surfaces and materials without the formation of dust. A stream of water allows you to remove contaminants of any physical nature and chemical composition: rust, bitumen, resins, carbon deposits, scale, lignosulfonates, pyrophoric compounds, etc. High-pressure pumps are used to generate a water jet with high kinetic energy. Water jetting is an effective, environmentally friendly, and versatile method for cleaning all surfaces. In this regard, it is similar to the auto detail steam cleaner.


High-pressure Shampoo/Chemicals

During this program, a chemical solution is injected under pressure. It foams a bit when it hits the car. If you have the relevant experience, this is the best and most economical option to wash your vehicle. Both chemical and kinetic effects are working on the dirt removal at the same time. However, if the client does not treat each part of the car at least twice, then after the car dries up, traces will be visible in those places that he will miss. To remove such traces, one can use a car detailing steamer by Fortador.



Both after cleaning the vehicle with a steam cleaner for cars or after using a regular high-pressure water method, many clients prefer to wax their autos. It covers the paintwork with a thin film on a silicone base, which gives shine and a slight hydrophobic effect when the drops roll off. There is a large number of fans of this program, due to which the average check increases, and the owner earns more.



The water served on this program can be called distilled – very clean, almost free of impurities. When the user sprinkles this water on the car after washing, the normal water is replaced with osmotic. When drying, such water, unlike ordinary water, does not leave streaks and “drops”, and it is no longer necessary to dry the car with clothing. However, this procedure is rarely applied after the use of the steam machine for car detailing.


Active Foam

The liquid is usually served in the form of foam from a separate pistol, which covers the car with a white cap. It consists of a more concentrated cleaning solution. Due to the high concentration of surfactants, the dirt is removed from the paintwork and in the form of a suspension flows down together with the foam.

The list of cleaning programs can be continued. If you try to study the preferences of your clients, and whether it is worth investing in new equipment such as auto detailing steamers, do research or ask professionals.