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Self-Service Car Wash Design: How Should the Canopy Look Like?

Imagine that a self-service car wash canopy is a huge storefront. Would you like to buy groceries in a place whose shopfront is dirty, broken, and not made of the best material? Perhaps, you wouldn’t. The same scheme works with the canopies of self-service car washes – the brighter and more beautiful it is, the more people will want to come to you.


Factors Influencing the Future Success of Your Business

No matter how strange it may sound, the design of the self-service car wash canopy can be included in the list of the top-3 factors influencing the future success of your business alongside the location and quality of the services offered. However, before the client will be able to test a fashionable auto detail steam cleaner, he needs to be interested to visit you. If you decide to start your own business in this area, remember – a rare driver will choose a place to wash a car having studied current promotions at your car wash, especially while driving fast. He will probably pay more attention to the luminous canopy.


Statistical Data

In practice, of course, no one has done scientific research on this issue but there is still some information. The company Aquarama has had a network of its own self-service car washes, not the largest in Europe, but not the smallest. In March 2017, the Hypromat Italia network of 19 car washes was purchased by it. The company quickly changed the equipment including the auto detailing steamers but left the canopy as it was. It turned out that, on average, car washes with a conventional design bring in 20% less revenue than those with a bright designer canopy. 


Characteristics of an Ideal Canopy

As we have already explained before the client wants to try your new car detailing steamer by Fortador, they will notice a bright canopy. To make it look stylish and functional, you should consider the below info:

  • You can make a nice canopy of painted steel, but in conditions of constant humidity and exposure to reagents, they begin to rust.
  • Rather beautiful stainless steel canopies have one significant drawback – in the autumn-winter period their gray color almost completely merges with the gray natural landscape, so drivers often do not notice them.
  • A good option is galvanized steel, but it has the same disadvantage as stainless steel (it is gray), but there is also a plus (it is significantly cheaper).
  • You need not just a beautiful canopy, it must be bright.

Make the right choice and enjoy the smooth running of your business. If you are not sure that you can choose the right materials for the canopy or a steam machine for car detailing, just contact the professionals who will be happy to help you both with the steam cleaner for cars and other equipment to run your business smoothly. Good luck!