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A Complete Set of Self-Service Car Wash Equipment: What Do You Need?

Nowadays, many novice businessmen consider the opening of the self-service car wash station. To calculate how much it costs, you need to decide on the optimal number of posts and secondary equipment as a steam machine for car detailing. The more washing posts, the more expensive it will be to start a business. However, more posts will increase the profitability of the station, shorten the payback time and increase income.

As you can see, the final price of a self-service car wash depends on different factors. For example, if there is a cafe on the territory, it is possible to wash the vehicle with pink foam or take a break when using a car detailing steamer. Nevertheless, the purchase of the equipment should occupy the most attention of the owner. Below, you will find a list of the necessary tools.


Basic and Additional Equipment

The price of a self-service car wash depends on the choice of basic and additional equipment It is influenced by the quality, functionality, productivity, materials of the main equipment of the complex:

  • control panels (boxes) for posts with various functions and payment methods;
  • high-pressure pumps;
  • reverse osmosis plants, filters, and systems for high-quality purification of wastewater;
  • electric motors providing a stable supply of water and detergents;
  • sensors for controlling door opening, lighting, remote access systems, monitoring, water purification, and equipment protection;
  • hoses, guns, holders, auto detailing steamers, etc.

The final price of a turnkey self-service car wash is also calculated based on the cost of building facilities and installing equipment to provide additional services:

  • Building a cafe – allows visitors to have a snack, drink a cup of coffee, which significantly increases the prestige, and profitability of the complex;
  • Equipment for blackening wheels, effective car wash with pink foam, waxing of vehicle bodies, and using the auto detail steam cleaner by Fortador are quite popular services among auto owners that bring stable additional income.


The Typical Price of a Turnkey Self-service Car Wash 

You will have to spend a certain amount on the construction, organization, and equipment of the complex. These costs do not depend on the number of vehicle service points. On average, the price of a turnkey self-service car wash can vary:

  • From about $5,200  – a budget option with one post. Equipment: stainless steel station post, bill acceptor, 1,000L tank, 1 high-pressure pump, tube, pantograph, high-pressure valve, hose. 
  • From about $7,400  – this is a standard option of self-service car wash with one post. The above set is complemented by 2 tubes, box heating, light sensors, 3 tanks for chemicals, a steam cleaner for cars.
  • From about $12,700  – a VIP version with one post. It is complemented by PayPass, 2 high-pressure pumps with bypass protection, foam injector protection, GPSM access control systems, personnel identification, control, and accounting.

The final price of a turnkey self-service car wash depends on many factors and is calculated in each case individually. So, don’t hesitate to contact the professionals and find out the exact price.